Bob Edgren for Capitola City Council


In 2004 I spent several months in Ukraine reporting on the famous Orange Revolution. Here I am in tent city, Kiev, Ukraine. To this day, I remain very involved in helping Ukraine in their plight for independence....

Attending a US-Russia trade conference in Silicon Valley

Your hands on candidate

for a better Capitola. 

I come with experience.

I have worked on several Capitola Committees, and have spoken at the Capitola Council and Planning Commission at least two dozen times over the years.

At a young teen age, I became involved in politics. My father Emil always encouraged political discussions at the dinner table. Being of a Kennedy Camelot generation I adopted the credo, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". 

In the early 60's, PG&E was on schedule to construct a nuclear power site in Davenport.  I thought this was a dangerous idea,  and had dad drive me to the hearing at the Santa Cruz Auditorium, (We then lived in Almaden). I soon found I was not alone in the protest. There was a packed auditorium of protestors. The next day I wrote a lengthy piece that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News against the plant. This was the beginning of an eventful period of getting involved in the 60's and 70's, a challenging time for America.

Currently living n Capitola Village. I have had a vested interest in Capitola for 42 years, so what is good for Capitola, is good for me.

I am retired from the newspaper and mail advertising business. Over the years I have worked with a number of cities, businesses and shopping centers, developing their short term and long term goals.

Cities and Chambers I have worked with include;

1. San Leandro - Organized  with the Chamber San Leandro's first art and wine festival.

2. Hayward - worked on the first Zucchini  festival.

3. San Carlos - Work with and on their Art and Wine Festival for three years.

4. Foster City - Promoted and worked on their Art and Wine festival 8 years.

5. Redwood City - Worked on their annual art and wine festival two years.

6. San Mateo - Worked on the downtown Business Districts events including the annual Wine Walk.

7, Other business districts I have done marketing for are Burlingame, Belmont, Westlake, and Palo Alto downtown and Palo Alto California Avenue.

Shopping Centers , advertising and Marketing

1. Southland Mall Hayward 4 years.

2. Stanford Shopping Center Palo Alto  3 years.

3. Hillsdale Shopping Center San Mateo 5 years. Was the idea guy behind the Center's most successful promotion, An Elvis Memorabilia Show that drew 250,000 people in two weeks and received national news coverage.

In a ten year overview, I had worked with over 600 diffirent merchants, businesses and organizations primarily with their marketing and advertising.

A graduate of San Jose State University in the journalism department with a BA degree in advertising. I excelled the first few weeks in one course (media) which prompted the professor to have me lead and instruct the course through the end of the term. I was a recipient of the coveted  AAAA scholarship (American Association of Advertising Agencies) and worked one summer at Klemtner Advertising in the Cannery Building San Francisco.

I believe traveling is a great way to expand thought and life knowledge. I enjoy it much. I have traveled and stayed in many areas, among those I have stayed  longer than a month include Buenos Aires Argentina, Lima,Peru, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, Kyiv Ukraine and Crimea. I traveled extensively through Europe and South America, always making note of what seaside and coastal towns were doing that could be implemented in Capitola.

1.    Vacationed in Capitola in the 60’s as a young boy with family.

2.    Purchased my first property in Capitola, a cottage on Prospect Ave., 1974.

3.    I have been a property and tax payer in Capitola for 42 years.

4.    Purchased a duplex and lots on Capitola Ave. Co -designed and built a city praised building at 509 Capitola Ave.

5.    In the mid seventies, I held in escrow the former Soup Galley property and business on the Esplanade. After an exhaustive three months of investigating and meetings with the city, it became clear the city would not budge on their stance not to allow dining on the former carousel deck due to lack of parking. I abandoned the project. It is now Zeldas.

6.    After the city purchase of the Rispin Mansion, I was a member of the original “Friends of Rispin”, urging the city to keep the historical building.

7.    Served on two separate neighborhood committees in the 1980’s to address violence and hooliganism on the Esplanade.  This included confronting trouble makers on the Esplanade. Efforts led to the police disclosing violent acts on the Esplanade, creating a definition of what a gang was, and the early closing of drinking establishments.

8.    With Mr. Toots founder Bob Hansen I started the development of a bar and restaurant at the current Margaritaville location. I made many physical improvements, obtained permits, attended city meetings, for the propsed bar and restaurant. bar and restaurant. Sold out to Margaritaville.

9.    In 1990, purchased the Mac’s Patio (now Britannia Arms) buildnig and business. I invested in the complete remodel and had one of Capitola’s classiest establishments from Palo Alto lease the premises, Café Lido.

10.    Introduced Chuck Hammers of Pizza My Heart to Capitola.

Current member of Greenpeace and the Monterey Bay International Trade Association.

Here I am with the Russian consulate in San Francisco. The meeting was about finding ways to keep Fort Ross open during California's budget cuts.  Initiated on my own, I worked with the California State Parks to resolve the crisis and keep several parks open.