Bob Edgren for Capitola City Council


Ideas for a Better Capitola


Your only candidate with a retail background

Capitola property tax payer since 1974

One of the "Magnificent 7" that saved the Esplanade

Facing hundreds of threatening unruly bar owners, employees, bouncers and patrons, with the Council and police turning a cheek, a handful of brave Capitola residents stepped in and cleaned  up the Esplanade.


When Capitola's Own Magnificent Seven Cleaned up the Esplanade

Articles provided by Minna Hertel , former owner of the Capitola Hotel

In the early  90's, we took back the Esplanade...

Capitola's Esplanade was out of control, run by hooligans, drug dealers , loud drunks ,vulgar parties, fights and brawls, drunk bar patrons throwing up and urinating everywhere. The thought of bringing a family to dine was unheard of,  foreign visitors did not exist. Urged by the bar owners to develop a regular year around "spring break" atmosphere, and with a blind eye from City officials and police, Capitola's reputation was in the gutter. Drugs were  sold over the bar tops. Inside and outside fights were a nightly occurrence. "Bouncers" lined the sidewalk. In one month 77 violent incidences occurred. Along with several other concerned citizens, independent of the City, we formed the Capitola Village Neighborhood Committee.  We had regular meetings. Members included Wayne Fonts, Jim Reding,, Kathleen Hunter, myself and some ten others.  Far out numbered by bar patrons and owners, we appeared regularly at Council meetings to demand action.  We were often booed down. and even threatened. I personally was confronted by  a number of hooligans on the Esplanade. Eventually we caught the attention of the news and people of Capitola, our concerns were heard. Our actions resulted in the City having the bars close down and stop their music earlier, defining of what a gang was, (four or more juveniles loitering around, late at night), giving the police the right to confront and arrest "gangs". Police presence was increased, adding more night patrols on the Esplanade. Narcotic agents moved in and made arrests. .So if you feel safe at night along the Esplanade, enjoy establishments like the Paradise Beach Grill, The Capitola Hotel, Brittania Arms, and the Capitola Suites, they entered into Capitola at a later civil time,and probably would have not considered opening in the Esplanade of old.   We never got any thanks or praise from anyone, but we knew it was the right thing to do for Capitola, and that's a main reason why now, we have a fun, family oriented,  Esplanade. Help me keep it that way.

Many people have great ideas for the future. However parts of our Capitola are sensitive to change, especially the village. I would prefer to see development and changes slow to a reasonable pace in the village. 41st Avenue is where most significant changes are coming from and need an experienced person  to deal with them.


Our family has a long tradition of helping Capitola. We donated items to the museum. Dad was named Man of the Year in the 1990's for photographic work for the city and copying old photos.

I have been involved in Capitola business. life and politics for more than 40 years. I am the only candidate with a first hand knowledge and hands on experience of the of the past, which I deem valuable in moving forward.