Bob Edgren for Capitola City Council


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Capitola can have its own Villa Montalvo,


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A new library sounds great....but, this is what you need to know.

1. The current library site is very valuable real estate. It can be used for a number of purposes which I consider more important than a library described below.

2. The Rispin Mansion grounds cannot have parking since it is in a eco habitat zone for Monarch butterflies. This leaves only available parking on current library site. Why is this important?

3. If the new library is built on the same site, the actual Rispin Mansion will be next to impossible to develop without parking. The dream of having the Rispin as a potential Saratoga Montalvo like cultural center for art,  weddings, small concerts, plays, operas will be dead.

4. Our City is compelled to move city hall and the police station out of its current flood zone. What better place than the Wharf Road library site? This use was discussed when that site was originally purchased.

Where else can it move to?

5. The Coastal Commission oversees the parking access to Capitola beach and sufficient parking for it.  The Coastal Commission would be very pleased to see this site be parking for beach goers. This would also increase revenue for the Village merchants. More parking, more people spending.

6. A Village closed to traffic. If ever we are going to realize the concept of closing part or all of the Village to vehicles, the current library site will be crucial to provide the off setting parking as required by the Coastal Commission. Eliminating Village parking must be compromised by adding close in parking (the current library site). Again, a huge benefit to the merchants.

7. A Boutique Hotel. Prior to the fire at the Rispin Mansion, Barry Swenson Development was in agreement with the City to develop the Rispin Mansion into a boutique hotel.  This project would have required a substantial amount of parking which was going to be the current library site. Again , a hotel would greatly benefit the restaurants and merchants of the village. They lose again.

So upon reading the above, I hope you understand more than before.

A better location can be found for the library, in less proximity to the Village/Beach, and costing much less.

Don't Give away prime real estate for a library -

What is not being told to you.